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From the desire to rediscover a special rapport with the sea comes the success of an iconic Made-in-Italy yachting brand: Mochi Craft, the Ferretti Group company which combines retro elegance and technology to set trends and innovate. The brand was founded back in the 60s by Luciano Mochi Zamperoli, initially operating from the port of Pesaro before transferring to the industrial park in Fano. After decades producing flybridge models, particularly for the Italian and German markets, in November 2001 Mochi Craft was purchased by the Ferretti Group. The new parent company set about relaunching the brand with a new line of yachts, the Dolphin, a modern take on the historic New England lobster boat. Two years later, in 2003, the Dolphin 51’ was born, the first model in the line of Mochi Craft planing lobster boats. This, indeed, is what shaped the new line – the wish to rediscover the past, then reinterpret it through a passion for the sea and for design, combining the extraordinary charm of timeless yachts with the Ferretti Group’s cutting-edge technological research. This reinterpretation is also reflected in the brand's logo, with the swordfish being replaced by a dolphin surrounded by a circle. In just a few years, Mochi Craft has designed and built a fleet of planing motoryachts ranging from 44 to 74 feet, built entirely in the Forlì shipyards where the Group is headquartered.


When passion and tradition meet, something unique is created. Mochi Craft has taken inspiration from the past to create a new type of yacht: a modern and revolutionary lobster boat, the undisputed trend setter of contemporary design and high technology, thanks to the Ferretti Group's know-how and investments in research and innovation. This philosophy came from a rule-breaking intuition and has led to a new balance between power, technology and elegance. The resulting yachts have their own unique personality – a fleet of “Italian-Style Lobster Boats” – which stand out for their elegant lines, eclectic features, choice of hull colours and best-in-class performance.


The current of innovation. Those who search for perfection never stop. Hence, Mochi Craft is continuously aiming at cutting-edge solutions to produce yachts which can offer the best in terms of performance, comfort, safety and reliability regardless of the sea conditions. This commitment is supported by the AYT&D - Advanced Yacht Technology & Design, Ferretti Group’s research, style and product development center. Comfort and stability are guaranteed by the ARG - Anti Rolling Gyro System, an exclusive technology developed in partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries which reduces by more than 50% any rolling caused by waves, at anchor or while sailing. Also the exclusive keel of the Dolphin line, designed by AYT&D and Victory Design – thanks to its superior hydrodynamic efficiency compared to other planing models – ensures outstanding navigation stability and comfort. The Mochi Craft range is fitted with advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics equipment, the most powerful calculation system to assess fluid particle kinematics below keel level, a standard on all yachts in the Ferretti Group fleet even before it was used on America’s Cup boats. Top-of-the-range control is then ensured by the “Easy-Dock” and “AutoTroll” SmartCommand by ZF functions as well as by the NAVIOP or Gi8 integrated monitoring system with touch screen display which allow for complete management of the yacht from one screen view.