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About SACS

Founded in 1989 in the province of Milan, SACS is a leading company at an international level in the production and marketing of rigid inflatable boats for pleasure cruising.

In 2006, thanks to a strong market consensus and stimulated by a growing demand, the company became part of the Laserline group, one industrial reality with activities in automotive, electronics, information technology and safety, where still today is considered one of the jewel of the crown.

This leadership change bring into the companies some of the winning values of the group such as the dynamism, the great attention to the quality and customer satisfaction, the strategic approach to the business development.

The vision is to target the premium market segment with innovative and unique products for dimensions and character. The trend toward to the highest quality level together with the great investments in the R&D processes are the keys to achieve it.

Add a design with a strong personality and the obsessive care taken over even the smallest detail and the company’s success formula becomes crystal clear.

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To design a new Sacs Strider is always a new more challenging task. This because I’m asked to identify and express at the best all the values that premium customers are normally searching in a prestigious tenderThe typical Sacs customer is in fact quite sophisticated with a cultural level that allows him to distinguish the quality of the contemporary design and its stylistic research.

For this reason he normally pretend the perfection in terms of care for details, technology, performance and naturally esthetic character.

We are speaking about somebody that by choosing one Strider model, wants to dictate the design rules and make them clear to its vision, somebody that do not follow the trend but on the contrary, like to be the trendsetter.

For the above reason the commitment to design a new Sacs is a high responsibility that require a great efforts, proportional to the satisfaction that projects of this level bring back once finished.

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Vývoj a výroba

Every Sacs boat comes from a careful project, carried out by our engineering department, in collaboration with designer Christian Grande, with whom exists a well-established relationship since years. Engineering stage utilizes CAD/CAM technology based on software PRO/EN and interfaced with milling cutting machine.

The result is high quality standards and prompt responsiveness to market demands. Sacs has the ability to quickly intervene on RIB’s structural features, with high customization and according to customer’s needs.

Every project detail, from different engine installation to the most complex hydraulic application, is taken care with passion and competence by a team of skilled technicians, and results in unique products for their innovation and reliability.

Manufacture 1 Manufacture 2 Manufacture 3

TAILOR MADE – člny ušité na mieru

Sacs has gained the leadership in the maxi rib segment thank to the capacity to customize its models to match the requested and meet the taste of the most demanding customers.

One equip of skilled professional guide the owners in the boat configuration process from the color scheme definition to the selection of materials and the choice of the options more suitable to their needs.

No detail is forgot, every need is taken into account, all expectations are fulfilled. Every Strider boat reflect the taste of its owner, fitting him like a prestigious tailored dress.

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